Top 5 Beautiful Zooper Widget Skins You Should Try

There are lots of zooper widgets available in markets. But if you want to know which is the better widget then we have provided the top 5 and most popular zooper widgets below. So read this article and use any zooper widget as you like.

Table of Content

  • Aura Zooper.
  • Typographical Zooper Theme.
  • Slider Widget.
  • Contact+ Widget.

List of Top 5 Beautiful Zooper Widget Skins


1. Aura Zooper

The aura zooper is the best application that offers users more than 70 zooper widgets. The developer of this application update and adds lots of more widgets to this application every month. Lots of people use this application in all over the world because of its amazing widgets. This application is totally free and users are able to use this application on lots of platforms simply and easily.

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2. Typographical Zooper Theme

The typographical zooper theme is another great application. This is the most popular app because this application provides more than 200 widgets for users. If you are a fan of this application then you just need to download this application free and start using no need to pay anywhere.

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3. Slider Widget

The slider widget is the best and most helpful widget for android users. Because with the help of this widget users are able to control their device sound system easily such as alarm, voice call, volume, ringtone and brightness, and many more. In this widget has lots of many more facilities and features available.

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4. Contact+ Widget

The contact+ widget is an amazing widget and the best alternative application of phonebook and dialer for android mobiles. Because with the help of this widget users are also able to send messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, Linked In, etc without opening their original application.

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The is the most helpful and popular widget for students. because with the help of this widget users are able to search the meaning of any word on their android device. In simple words we define you about these widgets so with the help of this widget users are able to improve their vocabulary. This is very easy and totally free to use.

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