Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives With Free Storage

There are lots of google photos alternatives available which provide users some free storage as a bonus. But today we are providing some amazing platforms which offer great storage as competing with others and where users are also able to use more free storage and in these platforms, users are also able to buy more storage at a very low cost for yearly and monthly.

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  • Mediafire.
  • OneDrive.
  • pCloud.
  • Mega.
  • Dropbox.

List of 5 Google Photos Alternatives

flickr vs google photos

1. Mediafire

The mediafire is one of the most popular alternatives to the google photos platform where users are able to upload their lots of content easily such as photos, videos, pdfs, docs, and many more, and also share anywhere they want. When any user starts using this platform they get 10 GB free storage as a bonus. So if they need more they also have able to buy their premium package for just 3.75$ only.

amazon photos vs google photos

2. OneDrive

The onedrive is the best free photo storage for windows 10 because when any user creates an account on this platform they get 5BG free storage for use. So if this storage is low and you content is in a huge amount and you want to increase their storage then in this platform users are also able to buy more storage simply and easily and store their content safely.

google photos vs amazon photos

3. pCloud

The pcloud is another amazing alternative platform for google photos. In this platform, users are also able to get 10GB of free storage by just creating a new account. This platform offers a very cheap subscription for those users who want to buy more storage. In this platform, offer a monthly subscription in only $175 so if any user buy this subscription they get 500GB of storage. For more storage, they also are able to buy 2TB storage in just $350.

amazon prime photos vs google photos

4. Mega

The mega is the most popular platform. More than millions of users use this platform in all over the world. This is the biggest competitor of google phots because this platform provides a huge amount of storage freely. When any users create a new account on this platform they get 50 BG free as a bonus. So this the great for those users who looking for huge storage for free. In this platform, users are also able to upload HD pics, media stuff, and many more or share them anywhere they want.

google photos vs onedrive

5. Dropbox

The dropbox is another popular cloud storage service providing a platform. But their free version is limited when anyone created an account on this platform they provide 5GB storage for free. So in this platform, users are able to buy more storage such as to get 2TB in only $9.99 for monthly. Users are able to use this platforms in lots of different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc.

amazon prime photo vs google photo

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