Top 5 Premium Android Apps For August 2018

There are lots of amazing and helpful android apps are available in markets which was launched in 2018. But today we are talking about which best android app was launched in the month of august in 2018.

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  • Camera MX.
  • Google Maps and Waze.
  • Picnic.

List of Top 5 Premium Android Apps For August 2018

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The notes by firefox are the most famous application from Mozilla for android devices. This is an amazing note-keeping application that allows users to edit, delete, and save their notes securely. The best thing about this application is the app automatically saved users’ data this means users don’t need to be confused about losing their data when their pc shutting down. So for using this application users just need to download and install this application and just sign in from any email account then start using and enjoy.

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2. Camera MX

The camera mx is the best camera app for android 2018 and a beautiful gift for mobile users because with the help of this camera apps 2018 application users are able to make their pictures more beautiful. This is the most popular application because millions of people use this app due to its incredible functions such as burst shot, delayed shutter, gridlines, and more. This application also allows users to capture moving pictures that are not available in every app.

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3. Google Maps and Waze

The google map and waze is another most popular and best app for android in all over the world because this application is available on all mobile devices at this time. This application was developed by google for users because with the help of this application users are able to find any places where they want to go. For example, if you go to a new place and you don’t know about which thing where located. So this application helps you in this situation because with help of this app you are able to find any place and reached here by just follow their given roots easily.

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If you are an android mobile user and don’t like their file manager and also want to use another then cx file explorer is best for you. This application is so easy to use and this application provides lots of amazing features to users such as local, library, network. Local help users in tracking download apps, Library for saving images, documents and audios, and last one is a network that helps users to transfer their content to other devices.

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5. Picnic

There are lots of different photos editing application are available in the market. But the picnic also comes in the list of best android apps ever. This application only does one thing which is to change the background of your pictures in the best way. This means with the help of this application users are able to change their image background sky colors anymore. The developer of this application develops this app, especially for changing backgrounds.

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