Top Best Apps To Change Text Message Backgrounds | For Android

Many applications are available which allow users to change their text message backgrounds and make their mobile phone more interested. So today we are providing some amazing apps which change users’ backgrounds easily and freely.

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  • GO Keyboard Pro
  • GO SMS Pro
  • Textra SMS
  • GO Launcher
  • Plus Messenger

List of Best Apps To Change Text Message Backgrounds

sms background

1. GO Keyboard Pro

The GO Keyboard Pro is an interesting text message background-changing application. Where users are able to set any images as a background as they want in their android devices. In this application has a lot of amazing features are available but at this time we define users as their two amazing features. So first is window contains message chains, and the second one is window contains contacts.

This is the best application for android users. Because with the help of this application users are also able to do many things such as activate night mode, disable notification, set emojis, change skin colors, change font size, font colors, Support more than 60 languages, and many more. More than millions of users use this application in all over the world because of there these amazing features.

message background

2. GO SMS Pro

The GO SMS Pro is one of the most popular text massages background applications.In this application also have many features such as change the background of massage, create and design wallpaper, and many more. The developer of this application adds one more feature in this application a few times ago which is Theme Maker. So with the help of this feature users are also able to create their own themes and publicize them anywhere.

text message wallpaper

3. Textra SMS

The Textra SMS is a great featured application for android mobiles. In this application, users are able to adjust the color of their subject. In this application has more than 100 themes and backgrounds available for use. This application is free of cost no need to pay anywhere to download and use this app.

text message wallpapers

4. GO Launcher

The go launcher is the top-rated application. That provides more than thousands of free themes and high-quality wallpapers. This application is only allowed to change of text message background. This means with the help of features of this application users are able to do many things. But the most interesting feature of this application is hide and lock because with the help of this feature users are able to hide and lock their app.

customize text messages

5. Plus Messenger

The Plus Messenger is the same as Telegram. Because this application uses the API of this platform so if you are a telegram user then you easily have to use this application. This is the best and secure application. Where users are able to use Stylish themes, colors, message backgrounds. This application support lots of different file formats such as gifs, png, and many more.

liking text messages on android


Am I able to change my text message theme?

Yes, you are able to change your text massages themes easily. Just launch your app and open the menu option in the application. So when you open the menu you have to see lots of options such as change themes, fonts, and more. So then do anything you want like change your text message theme or anything as you like.

Are these all apps are free to use?

Yes, more applications are totally free of cost only some of the features of the application are paid for. But their fees are not high we hope every user have able to buy them easily.

Are these all app are safe to use?

Yes, these all applications are 100% safe secure. So download any application and enjoy no need to be confused by any viruses.

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